Conference Registration

Registration for Phononics 2023 is now open!

Please use the link below, which will take you to the University of Manchester e-store, a service for which you will need to register. Please choose the correct registration. Then please pay for this and any additional items including the conference dinner, social excursion and hotel options (details are provided below and on the e-store).

IMPORTANT: Hotel bookings/rates can only be made at the time of registration. After this, hotels cannot be booked via the e-store as one-off purchases. You are welcome to contact the hotels listed however to organise a direct booking. 

Further details are provided below and here is the link to the e-store:

Phononics 2023 | University of Manchester

Note that the conference dinner is restricted to 200 tickets!

We offer the following tiers for registration. Registrations include the delegate pack, book of abstracts, full conference programme attendance, refreshments at breaks and lunches, and attendance at the welcome reception on the evening of Monday June 12th at the Manchester Museum on Oxford Road, Manchester. Delegates can also attend the general interest lecture by Prof. Trevor Cox on Wednesday evening and Early Career Delegates are welcome to attend the Early Career Workshop on the evening of Thursday 15th June, which is facilitated by the UK Metamaterials Network.

Additionally, during the registration process delegates can also select the following options:

- £55: Conference dinner (including drinks) (Whitworth Hall) on Tuesday 13th June 
- £40: Social excursion (to the Jodrell Bank Observatory World Heritage site) on Wednesday 14th June

Professional (Academic) Registration  
£450 (early bird, deadline is 12:00pm (noon) (UK time) on 24 April 2023)
£550 (12:01pm 24 April 2023 - 11:59pm on 8 June 2023)
£600 (12:00am on 9 June 2023 onwards)

Student Registration (for undergraduate or graduate students only) 
£250 (early bird, deadline is 12:00pm (noon) (UK time) on 24 April 2023)
£350 (12:01pm 24 April 2023 - 11:59pm on 8 June 2023)
£400 (12:00am on 9 June 2023 onwards)

Please note that we are limited to 200 banquet tickets.

We will also offer some hotel options at the conference registration stage.

Questions about the Conference? Email Conference Manager, William J. Parnell: [email protected]

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