2023 Brillouin Medal

2023 Brillouin Medal: (Deadline: 31st March, 2023)

The Board of the International Phononics Society (IPS) is pleased to announce the start of the 2023 Brillouin Medal solicitation process.

Award Description

The Brillouin Medal honors a specific seminal contribution, as presented by up to three related publications, by a single researcher or up to three researchers working in collaboration, in the field of phononics (including phononic crystals, acoustic/elastic metamaterials, nanoscale phonon transport, wave propagation in periodic structures, coupled phenomena involving phonons, topological phononics, and related areas). The medal is administered by the International Phononics Society (IPS).

Award Schedule

The medal is awarded biennially (every two years) at the time of the Phononics 20xx conference. We will award the 2023 Brillouin Medal at Phononics 2023 in Manchester (June 12-16, 2023). Details of the 2023 Medal solicitation process are given further below.

Award Eligibility

All researchers contributing to the field of phononics from across the world with no limitations are eligible for the medal.

Award Candidate(s) Solicitation Process

Authors of important contributions are invited to send a three-page “Letter to the Board” with the proposition to share with the community a single past outstanding idea/finding with a perspective coming from the creators of the idea/finding themselves. The content of each of the three pages should be as follows:

Page 1: Cover page including:

- Name of contributors (maximum of three names), affiliations and contact information. It is up to the individual(s) submitting the letter to determine the persons most responsible for the contribution being highlighted.

- Title of contribution (could be the same as the title of one of the publications listed below)

.- Citation of up to three publications representing the highlighted contribution. Reference to a single “seminal” paper would be sufficient; however, it is permitted to include the citations of up to two additional papers that supplement the original paper or provide important complementary, follow-up work.

Page 2: A description of the contribution, including remarks on its novelty, its scientific and technological relevance to the field, how it has been used and/or developed by researchers since its appearance, its potential to continue to impact further research in the future, and any other remarks that the contributors would like to bring to the attention of the Board. A maximum of one page is permitted for this section.

Page 3: Bibliography of references referred to in Page 2. Each reference should have a number, i.e., [x]. The bibliography should include the references of the up to three papers being highlighted.

This Letter should be submitted by email to Mr Morgan Bays <[email protected]>. The subject of the email should be: 2023 Brillouin Medal: Letter to the Board by <Corresponding Contributor’s Name>.

The deadline for submission of Letters is 31st March 2023.

Any questions or inquiries on any aspect of the award process should be sent to Professor Mahmoud I. Hussein, Vice President of IPS, at [email protected].

Award Administration and Selection Process

This award will be administered by IPS and its Board Members will select the recipient(s) of the medals. The recipient(s) of the awards will be notified by 7th April 2023 or shortly afterwards.

Award Announcement

The title of the selected contributions and the names of the medal recipients will be announced ahead of the Phononics 2023 conference on the conference website.

Award Paper

The recipient(s) is (are) also invited to write a review paper highlighting their contribution that is being honored by the award while providing their own perspective on its importance, how it has evolved over the years and an outlook on its future. This paper will be, at a maximum, 6-pages long, and will be referred to the 2023 Brillouin Paper. A special Brillouin Medal Booklet will be published to include the title of the contribution, the names of the recipients and the 6-page paper.

Please be prepared to submit this paper by 12th May at the latest if selected.

Award Lecture

In addition to receiving a medal, the recipients are invited to deliver the 2023 Brillouin Lecture at the Phononics 2023 conference. In the case of two or three recipients, each receives a medal and is invited to deliver a portion of the lecture. However, the contributors may decide to have a single contributor to deliver the lecture on their behalf if they wish. The lecture should cover the content of the Brillouin Paper as described above.

Award Archival Record

The titles of the selected contributions, the names of the medal recipients, and the entire Brillouin Medal Booklet published for the award will be archived on the IPS website www.phononics.org (which is currently under construction). IPS plans to have a plaque built with the names of the recipients inscribed; this plaque will be made available for viewing at every edition of the Phononics 20xx conference.


Brillouin Medal Recipients

2013: Ping Sheng, Che Ting Chan, and Zhiyu Yang, “for their discovery of the concept of a ‘locally resonant acoustic metamaterial’ and related contributions”

2015: John H. Page, Zhengyou Liu, and Suxia Yang, “for their first demonstration of focusing of acoustic waves by negative refraction in a flat phononic crystal”

2017: Giulio Casati, Baowen Li, and Lei Wang, “for their invention of the phononic rectifier, diode, and transistor and related contributions”

2019: Alexander A. Balandin, "for his discovery of unique phonon properties of graphene, and contributions to the development of graphene thermal management applications”

2021: Andrea Alù, Romain Fleury, and Dimitrios Sounas, "for their early demonstration of non-reciprocal and topological phonon transport at the macroscopic scale"

2023: Xiulin Ruan and Tianli Feng, "for their formulation of four-phonon scattering theory and associated computational studies"

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