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Phononics 2023: 6th International Conference on Phononic Crystals/Metamaterials/Metasurfaces, Phonon Transport, Topological Phononics

The University of Manchester, Engineering Building A

Theatre A (2A.040)

MECD Engineering Building A

University of Manchester

Oxford Road


Manchester, M13 9PL, GB

June 12, 2023 – June 16, 2023

Conference Venue: Manchester Engineering Campus Development (MECD) Engineering Building A

Registration: is open from 12:00pm (noon) (UK time) on Monday 17th April. See the registration link on the left hand side of this page for further details and a link to the registration site.

Abstract submission: has now closed

About the conference:

Phononics 2023 is the sixth conference dedicated to analysis and manipulation of phonons (vibrations in solids), connecting researchers interested in phononic crystals, acoustic, elastic, nanophononic, and thermal metamaterials, metasurfaces, wave propagation in periodic structures, nano-scale phonon transport, optomechanics and phonon coupling.

More specifically, the conference scientific focus will be on the following nine central themes underlying current research in the field of phononics:

1.         Phononic Crystals; Fundamentals, Design and Fabrication.

2.         Acoustic and Elastic Metamaterials; Fundamentals, Design and Fabrication

3.         Acoustic and Elastic Metasurfaces; Fundamentals, Design and Fabrication

4.         Temporally modulated Phononic Media

5.         Topological Acoustics and Phononics

6.         Nonlinear Phononics

7.         Thermal Phonons

8.         Mathematical Methods Underpinning Phononics

9.         Applied Phononics

The conference will also endeavour to seek links from phononics to other related fields in an attempt to enhance the possibilities for collaboration. In particular we highlight opportunities in photonics and quantum applications.

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Questions about the Conference? Email Conference Manager, William J. Parnell: [email protected]

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